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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Keep Computer Safe without Any Antivirus Installed

Do you really think you can not go out without antivirus software? And if we show that you use your computer without an antivirus program? There are certain practices that you should follow to keep your system running smoothly, even without the need for anti-virus software.

We will conduct the main sources of threats and possible solutions to keep your computer away from these issues, which could prove that it is really dangerous for your system
Internet is the main source
Nothing can be done without the Internet. All of us have become heavily dependent on them, but this is the main source of viruses and malicious code. We explore the world of the Internet browser to connect to kins and friends via social media sites and the torrent or P2P download with a purpose. See the dangers of this important daily activities!

Browsing and Navigation:
Whenever we see you tend to download files. She is not the only activity that is happening, it could be that you are not aware of the activities, such as scripting, cookie poisoning by hackers and temporary files that are stored in your system. These scripts, cookies and temporary files, hackers "trying to access your personal information.

These attempts failed ones can be proven by the strong browsers have disabled the ability to use cookies, scripts, temporary files and URLs stored in your system.

Social media sites:
As a recognized updated almost all social media platforms used to be and remain connected so that hackers use this fact to flood these pages with malicious code does. Hackers consider this act contrary to ethics as their task, we must be a little smarter to avoid their traps. Just use your common sense and do not click links that look suspicious. Also, try to avoid the unknown demands.

In case you have an incentive to click on a link you are not sure on this link you scan with the security software that is available online, and click. "AVG LinkScanner Online" is a software you can scan the online link.

Torrent or P2P downloads:
If you download software or a movie or other file with torrent or P2P, you can not predict whether the downloaded file is infected or not. These sites also use pirated copies, which could worsen the problem over. So it is always advisable not to use these sites to download a file.

Keep your computer safe without antivirus software, it is not rocket science. It's just that you must be careful when performing certain tasks.

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