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Installerex - High Level Security installer

Today's businesses rely heavily on the Internet to communicate with their target audience . Online marketing is important that people do not just go online for entertainment, she him. Well as for shopping and business transactions Those who no longer have to buy software or applications , go to the local supermarket to buy an installation CD , the installer available for download on the Web. Companies that want to offer downloadable applications or programs on the Internet can create an installation program by hiring a programmer. There are also applications that are used to make this installer can create . One of these applications is Installerex .

Installerex is a platform to create based on the Web-to- installer. The user interface is simple makes it easy even for non-professionals to follow the steps in the construction of a plant . It requires no coding or programming that will benefit those who do not have the technical knowledge to do manually. Once the installer is finished, it can be displayed on the company's website for customers to download. Hiring a programmer to create an installation program is more expensive than using Installerex , so I think the last good option is because it is PPI or pay-per- install . This means that the company will pay only done for the success of the installation on their installation, which is quite reasonable .

The company works closely with security companies to download and install their safe installers. Installerex also work with customers to get the most convenient installation program that meets the needs of both sides. Each installer created with Installerex has a digital signature from Comodo . This digital signature is the company ID . Comodo and Microsoft are the only two companies that provide digital signatures. Installers with digital signatures is that they have a high level of security so that users can be sure their systems are secure . Also has anti - corporate server installed ensure you check all the files that the installer of malicious files before they are published freely .

Apart from the safety of the program , another important factor is the speed of the setup in a download and installation as well as its stability. Installers that download and install quickly with a high success rate in the facility are more likely to have satisfied customers. I find installers Installerex a fast download speed and installation. The success rate of the system is also high, which I think is beneficial to the customer and the company. Use the application they need , which also helps the company to gain loyal customers. Another good option that I have found useful Installerex is the possibility of suspending the process of downloading or installation. This is something that is not generally to other installers. This is advantageous for users because they do not have to cancel the download or installation, if they have to attend to something important. This saves them time and effort , because they are at any time they are ready to go off .

Top Free Tune-up and Security Software for PC

It is exciting to get a new computer thing , I think you must be the juice keeps busy with buying a costume tune-up and security tools on your PC and increase its performance. Took care of the computer gives you a lot of money , why not load for some free applications try to load your purse to relieve , but how? It's that simple . I want some decent free to share and forget performed on these products. There are tons of free online, but their characteristics and functions are decent . You can also right arm your computer to build a solid defense by combining several free utilities .
Free antivirus software
Anti -virus all three applications you can continue to work down on the Windows platforms. In addition, Avast is one of the three tools that can support Mac OS .
First, AVG Anti -Virus Free Edition - Free Antivirus ( highly recommended)
AVG Anti -Virus Free Edition is for private users . Quick update the virus database is given to life guaranteed the ability to recognize high level .
Second, Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
Avira AntiVir Personal is a reliable solution that provides free anti-virus scan constantly and quickly, you can use your computer for malicious programs such as viruses , Trojans , backdoors and worms , malware , etc.
3rd, Avast! Home Edition - Free Antivirus
Avast! Home Edition can be regarded as a typical representative of the best free antivirus protection currently available on the market.

Free Tune -up Program
First, Amigabit Power Booster - Free Tune -up Program ( highly recommended)
Amigabit Power Booster provides an excellent solution for your bump performance of your PC with 1 - Click Maintenance will receive . It can repair problems , instability or BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death) issue. In addition, these programs can make your PC more secure by traces of personal information. This tool is a great choice for all your strategy PC maintenance, including a disk defragmenter and a turbo booster .
Second, WinUtilities Free Tune -up Program
WinUtilities Free is a PC Tune -up suite with a wealth of features . It runs fast and automatically creates a log file to undo the changes if needed. Most functions seem to be all right , so it should be a safe bet for novice users , and sufficient information and warnings on the individual modules for the beginner evidence.

Free Anti-spyware software
First, Spyware Doctor - Free AntiSpyware
Spyware Doctor is an advanced spyware removal utility that detects adware software and cleans thousands of potential spyware , adware, Trojans and other malware from your PC to protect your privacy from prying eyes, the monitoring program PRISM shocking.
Second, Microsoft Windows Defender - Free Antispyware
Windows Defender can help protect your computer against pop -ups, security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software that may lead to poor performance.

Free Firewall Program
First, Comodo Firewall - Free Firewall ( highly recommended)
Award-winning free security suite Comodo offers prevention - Base with technology to prevent malicious software on your PC standard Deny Protection ( DDP) .
Second, Outpost Firewall Free - Free Firewall
Outpost Firewall Free gives you solid firewall protection with standard packet and application filtering to protect your data from unauthorized third parties . You will also receive a complete advanced protection against unknown threats . Moreover , it has the least impact on your system resources , so it is a must for an unprotected PC.
3rd, PC Tools Firewall Plus - Free Firewall
PC Tools Firewall Plus is a powerful free personal firewall for Windows that protects your computer by preventing unauthorized users from accessing your computer via Internet or LAN.

These utilities mentioned above are all free always excellent. Now I think you should have more choices now . I suggest you choose a piece of tune-up and security free tools in each category will otherwise occur in any conflict. Choose what you want and equip your new computer, defeat all types of threats now - no charge .

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Security Tips for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming popular with each day and comes in early 2013 experts predicted that this year will be a blast in the business of cloud computing see . Everyone is busy discussing its advantages, but subconsciously , they spread the potential risks of this technology. Safety is the greatest risk and experts say that cloud computing is as strong as it is safe and weak security system , many quality defects and illegitimate access is suspended. However, providers of cloud services have achieved this potential weakness , so they leave no stone unturned to provide the level of security as provided by the owners are available. With this entry, I'll be a few safety tips that would deliver this year.
  • As always, it was expected , passwords, play an important role in securing cloud computing - security password . They had always been an important element in the security of cloud computing. However, often the owners are very irresponsible passwords that lead to disaster. Only authorized persons should use the primary server know the password. In addition, it must be changed frequently to ensure the confidentiality and robustness. Companies must train employees how to use words for very obscure password they create jobs . Remember, cloud plays on trust and a broken password can break this trust .
  • Beyond passwords - Another safety factor , which was said to be very popular, was the two-way authentication. The implementation is easy since there are many assistive technologies that are out there for it. However, this can lead to frustration and a contractor must ensure that all employees are able to walk properly and then apply this technique.
  • Encryption - This is the same with the most advanced technology there are a few tricks and cloud computing is no exception. Chances are that a server can be broken, it is difficult to judge the server is secure. In this situation, encryption plays a very important role because it prevents those who illegally access server to steal private or sensitive information. Data encryption can limit the damage that could be caused by the unlawful violation of the server.
  • The ultimate goal of adoption of cloud computing in any business is to end customers to do their work and to facilitate access to information - to record everything . It is sometimes unavoidable because of several problems on servers and because of this paradigm is relatively new, there are few experts on this subject difficult. The best way to tackle this problem is to build a strong , coherent and detailed log to ensure that the problems are solved , as they would occur. This protocol provides comfort to ensure that the problem does not occur again .
  • Never neglect the firewall - No doubt that the tools and approaches keeps coming , but as the saying goes " Old Gold " , not competing with the old firewall. Defined access is very important to effectively run a business in a cloud . After setting up a firewall , the administrator can define the boundary and ensure that it only need to access . This step will help a lot to fight off the attackers and malicious attacks.
Entrepreneurs from all over the world have realized that cloud computing is the future and has the potential to transform to operate the way shops . Therefore, it is important to gain their trust. The cloud service provider can be a very important role in ensuring the continued high security services that play made ​​by them .

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How to Accomplish Website Security In Order To Avoid Malware

Day after day , your site is vulnerable to attack by malicious software and viruses, it is necessary to use an appropriate site protection in place to prevent such attacks. While there are some programs that you can implement in order to protect your PC from malware , it's your choice to ensure that they are really updated to . To your personal computer and offer the best picture and effective protection Attacks on your business will not only affect you , but every customer who uses your site and sensitive data . Give your web visitors with security another tactic to prevent an attack by malware.
The easiest way to keep your website from malware attacks is actually to make sure that your firewall is updated with security and virus when the updates are included in safety programs , as they are available. Subscribe to memories when you so that you are notified of these programs , if an update is available to buy . Program protection from PC viruses is actually a must-have in terms of improving your website's security . Try to buy the best security program virus. There are several to choose from to ensure your website .

Make sure passwords time and effort to hack if you want to protect your computer and files. With variations of the same upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols in some cases , a password that is not easy , zealous hackers decoded to your computer with malware or viruses infect produce . Hackers work with a number of programs decoding the password to gain access to secure information , and therefore more difficult and much more unique than you forget , your internet site is better protected .

Try to avoid decompression of attachments on your server if you do not understand the sender. Attachments can malicious code designed to infiltrate your files after receiving the attachment to your computer. Make sure that your PC is running a firewall that could be your documents against attacks with a worm or virus to protect . A firewall can be hardware installed in the router computers , but it should be enabled to work with. Another type of protection , a firewall application , is actually the one who installed it could provide an additional protection to your site. Combining software and hardware programs firewall for more security and protection of the site.

Use an anti -spyware program on your hard drive to make sure that you catch malware or harmful files that could sneak up on the anti-virus or firewall itself . Do you have an anti -spyware program , you have the option to comb through a single file or an entire computer for maximum security.

If you protect your home files , which holds endangered or software , you need to understand what your options are used to strengthen its programs available and how the security of the site . The more educated you are to prevent malware on programs that can help your business can be better. Virus or malware that finds its way onto your computer may impact on your business sales and profits.

How to Stay Safe while using Public Wi-Fi

If you 're traveling or on the road , the standard being a hotspot or Wi -Fi network can be connected . This is where you are at a high risk of threat of piracy and the potential for public infections online . Although there are many ways to while driving , including restaurants , hotels , cafes and airports, but they are how to combine open source. You 're like a gateway to providing free access to many malware and viruses. The network is not secure and you will eventually be stolen the victim of hackers , virus infections and your personal information. No matter what gadget you use a laptop , smartphone or tablet. Networks are an easy gateway that provides access to all available. Now the problem seems to be backing up your data in the best way possible. Let us know how to stay safe while using public Wi -Fi network.
Steps to secure the use of Wi- Fi are the following :
First, you must ensure that the firewall is enabled on your build system. The option for the public network is activated.

Search secure by ensuring that the URL starts with HTTPS .

Disable options file sharing and printing on all your accounts.

Now let us learn about each of them in detail.

Network Settings
The first step towards securing your gadget is to enable the public network, the firewall settings . If you are then the parameters of Windows Firewall is enabled by default. However, if this is not the case, then you must do so at the stage of the initial configuration. To check whether the settings are enabled in the Control Panel -> Windows Firewall , a window opens in which you . Especially on the settings for each type of network

In the public network settings allow you to enable the Windows Firewall option if it is not already selected.

Disable sharing
Another important step in the direction of most remain safe while using Wi -Fi to disable sharing options. You must first go to the network settings you need to change .

Go to Control Panel - > Change advanced sharing settings private control on the left side . Note that Network and Sharing helps you to disable sharing options files and printers to ensure your safety .

Private files and printer sharing -> Books customers or the public -> Network Discovery , enable this option and other sharing options. When you're finished , click Save to apply the changes .

It is recommended to disable all the options and print sharing in all your accounts.

For Mac OS X : Common Options- > Change advanced sharing settings .

Browser extensions
It is always advisable to check the browser extensions in the URL. It is advisable to check a secure HTTPS connection while visiting different sites. This is particularly important if you are online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. HTTPS is indicative of a secure connection to the Web pages you visit.

A virtual private network or VPN provides authentic relationships that authorized users can connect to the network. This network uses encryption to ensure the safety of the user. It hangs on unlawful interception and data sharing on the Internet. Therefore, it is important to have an SSL or Secure Socket Layer have. This is a serious problem because it has free access to hackers who are out of your private information and may be used for illegitimate purposes are . This clearly shows that for your online activities are openly persecuted by another user. However, to get this mess NOT supply an open network can provide you with a software that provides VPN .

ProXPN provides a level of data security. The only restriction is that the speed with only 300 kbps. If you opt for a premium account then be willing to pay U.S. $ 6.25 per month. This gives you access to all the features and speed. This software is compatible with Mac and Windows . A mobile version of this software is your tablets and smartphones .

The only thing you need to show that you are provided with secure Wi- Fi connectivity flawless. This software is compatible with Android , Windows , Mac and iOS devices.

Regular updates is another thing to remember . You must ensure that you update your software to be able to carry out security patches. It also allows your device to the latest security updates in order to counter the current scenario are obtained online .

Tips To Identify Computer Viruses

Many people want to know how to eliminate computer viruses forever. A computer virus is a program that penetrates contains the hard disk of your computer and attack files and programs. These malicious programs infect as viruses because they not only computers but also from other computers with which you communicate .
Designed to hide behind innocent sent with files that are downloaded from the Internet or as attachments , viruses are often contracted and spread , without the user's knowledge . Needless to say, more than a virus on your hard disk is the more damage it can do. But before designing the concept of downloadable files or not open attachments , you should take a look at the steps you can take to eliminate computer viruses forever !

Monitor the performance of your computer
As those who develop the virus contract , computer and symptoms that they do not work give 100 percent . Here are some symptoms that you should look for:

· Shortcuts on the desktop again
· New desktop shortcuts
· The unknown programs " Add / Remove Programs " in your list
· New toolbar of the browser ( s )
· Unusual power while connected to the Internet
· Slow overall performance while connected to the internet and all separate
· Consistent error messages , some of which can close the program and require a reboot
· Security software disabled , that includes the changes that you do not make

Take immediate steps
If any of the above symptoms sound familiar , then it is better that you have to work quickly . Viruses are designed to work quickly in the wings . To make the process of cleaning, please disconnect from the internet to start , as this is the most likely place you contracted HIV virus , like most of their work via an Internet connection , so that the separation could stop most of the actions of viruses. Then you should run anti - virus software.

Should have reliable anti -virus software be installed before accessing the Internet using any software. This software provides to infiltrate for most viruses on your hard drive. However, if a virus can sneak into the race anti - virus software is both your primary defense against the virus and your weapon to eliminate the virus permanently. If you do not have anti - virus software, you should buy from a dealer or download it to a clean computer . Anti- virus is not something to skimp on what they could of the difference between keeping your personal information to be confidential or delivery of a Cyber ​​computer.

With anti -virus software
Follow the instructions to install the anti -virus software and then you should be ready to get your own computer system. Most anti- virus software provides a quick analysis , individual analysis and a comprehensive analysis . It is always better to perform the full scan if it goes thoroughly through your hard drive.

The software identifies all the harmful elements in your system , quarantine , and ask for permission to remove them. After selecting " Yes " , the virus will be removed and you may be prompted to restart your computer . Following these steps will no viruses , currently to eliminate your computer, but you keep your anti -virus updates and software systems that run scans regularly to always eliminate computer viruses !

Anti Virus Protection Software Available Online

Computers and technology comes with many benefits that many things to help you achieve with ease. Almost everyone uses computers to perform various tasks. This high use of computers has also increased the use of the Internet by individuals and professional organizations . Information about something can be bought on the web and the main human population is based on the source of solutions to their problems. The data is transmitted over the Internet and it is necessary to secure the data so that no one misses . People can make use of protection against network viruses to secure data and prevent bad guys can use it for personal purposes .
Business providers , large enterprises have their number of computers can use the antivirus software for small businesses. It helps in smooth transactions and error through their platform for networking and makes sure that all computers on the network running without errors. Some business introducers even buy the license for the use of known anti -virus software, but it will not be ideal for small business suppliers . It can with the use of security software cheap anti- virus subscription low cost must be replaced. There are many ways in which this anti -virus software helps small businesses with low operating costs. There are licenses to use the software , depending on the number of service positions . The network also provides antivirus firewall functions to set access rules on individual computers .

If a company has its sales through its online portal , which is controlled and monitored by staff, this software is very important. It regulates the traffic according to the rules of the firewall in place and keeps data safe . The antivirus software small business prevents unauthorized access and warns the user if these attempts are detected. There are thousands of spam messages you receive on a daily basis and it is not possible to follow all of them. Spam business solutions can be set up spam rules and block all unwanted messages and e -mails. The set of rules , the client can specify using a platform graphical control . Given the fees offered by the major antivirus vendors , prices are cheap and free technical support is also available.

Other advantages of using a small anti- virus company are small annual contributions. When the number of computers is more , the rates are discounted. The software allows you to set up a network of scalable virus protection and centrally managed organization . If the company has a problem with the software they receive immediate help from the technical support team at any time. They can be installed on computers with operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh . The best way to obtain this software by visiting online portals suppliers . Some companies offer different products and packages according to company requirements . These precautions should be taken for any business operation.

Statements about Security Software Free Download

Security software can serve a number of security programs functions.Some are for a single purpose , as designed to remove spyware , while others can perform multiple functions . Security software is used to identify the firewall and remove viruses to information over a network to set attacks on a computer or network and so recognize . It works all the time , the protection background and users can also run utilities to be able to scan their computers for certain computer software threats.Security also focused on reports that are sent to the administrator when problems are detected to publish . They can also be used to secure specific content on a specific computer , you can create or password with security software files are protected to restrict unauthorized access.There directories are different security software as below :
BitDefender Free Edition BitDefender Free Edition uses the same ICSA Labs certified analytical engines in other BitDefender products found , allowing you to enjoy basic virus protection at no cost and Remove Virus Free Edition is kind.BitDefender antivirus program that best or in a system recovery forensics role is used .

AVG Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is an antivirus program that is totally free for non - commercial use is use.Some home and its features:

* Detects and blocks viruses , threats and malware
* Download and share files safely
* Stops viruses IM
* Keeps Your email protected
* Protected when shopping and banking district
* Protects personal data against piracy
* Fast and streaming video scan
* Keeps your PC running smoothly

Norton Antivirus Norton Antivirus software is the most widely used and trusted anti - virus! It effectively detects and removes viruses, worms and Trojan horses automatically , without interrupting your work. The latest software updates regularly and scans email and IM attachments for potential threats .

Avira Free Antivirus: Free Antivirus is an extremely powerful software which offers protection against viruses , Trojans, backdoor programs , hoaxes , worms , dialers, etc. and is free for personal use .

Avast! Free Antivirus : Avast! is a free antivirus for Windows and Mac OS X Linux.The Home Edition is completely free for personal and non-commercial use and is equipped with many useful new features . avast! Free Antivirus is perfect for people who e- mails and surf popular websites . But if you confidential data online on your computer, shop or bank .

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Kaspersky Lab protection software that protects computer infections proven against viruses, worms , Trojans, email, and other malicious threats . It is used and more than 250 million users worldwide trust and at critical times , it updates its virus definitions every hour !

Security software like anti- spyware or anti -virus software protect software against malicious programs such as viruses, spam and malware.Antivirus software can also remove or prevent spyware and adware , and other forms of ill-treatment and legitimately installed programs.Software to ensure the safety or monitoring.Software work that is installed in bad faith , either as a general invasion of privacy of a user or to gather information to new attacks on their computer or software transactions.Security online is one of the first and best things to install on your computer . An unprotected Windows computer can get a virus on the Internet in less than a minute.

How to Recover Lost Data in An Easy Way

Today , we are a leading digital life , and most people have a large amount of data stored on your PC, laptop, mobile phone or other devices. The popularization of digital data brings great comfort to our lives. On the other hand , it also leads to difficulties in protecting our valuable data. As we all know , even hardware problems or software to lose data , without any evidence and cause you other problems .
Therefore, it is good to have a data recovery software on your PC. It can protect you against most of the problems you may face data loss by restoring lost data. It is obvious that you can recover all types of data that you lose due to some accidental actions or withdrawal.

As its name suggests, is a Amigabit recovery software data recovery data available for computers running Windows , carried out for the recovery of lost data from intentional or unintentional deletions data. Like other software, this utility can also reconstruct deleted on the basis of information in the index file on your hard drive or other media file. However, these tools decent accompanied some additional features , through the effective and accelerated recovery . Now let's check out the features of data recovery Amigabit .
Tons of video formats support
With this powerful software, you can popular file formats such as MPEG , AVI , DOC, JPEG , BMP , PNG, MP4, etc. get when it comes to cases of file system formats , can compatible with the main file systems, including FAT12 / 16 /32, NTFS/NTFS5 , exFAT . Also coming this program can work with the latest operating system Windows 8.
Reliable and efficient
This program can be considered one of the safest and easiest methods that you can use to restore your lost data. As you can see in the above statement , retrieve the tool has no adverse effect on existing files on your device while attempting deleted. In addition to the just deleted or formatted files , the tool can also recover files that are accessed by the computer ( due to file corruption ) .
In addition , this program could not only data on the hard drive, but also other media such as hard disk memory laptop , camera, SD card , iPhone, iPad, etc.
Overview before restoration
To restore lost files from deleted or formatted very tedious job , especially if you do not know the name of the file folders. Preview of deleted files before reading is a wonderful feature of this utility owned . For example , you can preview your lost photos before you decide which one to get . With this function , you can save your time as well as space.
Various deletion of data support
This tool was developed to help people recover all types allowed in different situations or data is not lost . It could recover all the lost files in the following cases .
- Accidental : You can transfer data by pressing Del or Shift + Delete and bins emptied accidentally deleted also .
- Virus Attack : If your PC has a virus attack and removes data from hard drive , do not worry, you can use this utility to recover effectively.
- Format hard drive : If you accidentally formatted your hard drive or not , you call all these files with this tool.
Operation Error: The tool can cancel the deletion by the sudden shutdown, power failure, partition error , factory reset , etc.
Intuitive user interface
To use this application , you do not need to have much knowledge about computer . It offers two different but intuitive to recover lost data modes: standard mode and shortcut . The default mode is made up of fast recovery and advanced recovery . Quick recovery : fast recovery of files that are accidentally deleted and emptied trash . Advanced Recovery : safe and effective to recover formatted files , while its gross recovery function can be analyzed in depth and easily files from badly damaged storage media and file system images . In addition, the mode shortcut provides an intuitive way to recover lost data. All you need to do is choose the right type of partition control files on the hard disk and scan . This mode can help to understand all the statistics associated with the selected file format , including files that have been deleted, formatted and raw data.
Put all the remarkable properties of data recovery Amigabit above, we can easily say that this is an optimal tool for recovering data from damaged hard disk . As a base or a computer user , the software is a must for you . The free trial version of the software can restore files of 100MB user . If your file is larger , you can save the results of the analysis on the hard drive and still recovering from the recording software .

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Importance Of Spyware Removal Software

Every day, thousands and thousands of computer users encounter viruses that completely disrupt the entire makeup and may well be on their computer system. Based on the virus that computer users encounter this severity , they can steal your personal data, their computer system , you can stop the operation or their computer system can not function properly. You can also transmit the virus to other computer users. This includes family members and friends.

The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to make sure you prevent a virus that can interfere with your computer.
The first thing you can do is not to visit the sites you do not know. When you visit a website and immediately begin to experience pop-up ads , you can get around these sites. Many Web sites use pop- ups are also known to spread viruses through these pop ups . Therefore, these types of websites you should avoid it altogether.

Based on the Internet browser that you can use to be able to download the free pop- up and advertising. These add-ons are easy to use and you can ensure that you do not even see or discover the advertising medium pop-up advertisements at all .

Your computer most likely also was equipped with a general virus protection . You must be sure to install and activate this software in the moment you take your home computer . You can also consider buying a spy software that you download and install on your computer or you can buy a CD- ROM .

One of the best anti -spyware packages that you can buy is known as Spyware Doctor. This software is easy to use and can make sure your computer is protected against spyware and unwanted viruses .

The software can be downloaded and immediately go to work for you online . It will first scan your computer to determine if your computer currently has spyware on it. It will then remove the spyware from your computer and from the same software , no matter what site you visit in the future added to prevent your computer.

Your computer most likely also was equipped with a general virus protection . You must be sure to install and activate this software in the moment you take your home computer . You can also consider buying a spy software that you download and install on your computer or you can buy a CD- ROM .

One of the best anti -spyware packages that you can buy is known as Spyware Doctor. This software is easy to use and can make sure your computer is protected against spyware and unwanted viruses .

The software can be downloaded and immediately go to work for you online . It will first scan your computer to determine if your computer currently has spyware on it. It will then remove the spyware from your computer and from the same software , no matter what site you visit in the future added to prevent your computer.

There are several things that can protect you from Spyware Doctor. These factors include general spyware, hijackers, keyloggers , viruses, trackers , Trojans , malware , browser hijackers , and to name a few .

If you are really buying the value of your computer and the value of the information you have registered, then you have no choice but the best antivirus for you. If you do not, your computer may be at risk and all your personal information could be stolen. This could reveal the identity theft. A hacker can access your personal account information .

If your computer is not protected , you're just the doors for potential hackers to steal or wreak havoc on your computer and personal files. The good news is that there are many options available .

Issues about FAT Data Recovery

FAT file system widely used type in the file system of Windows operating system and the FAT32 file format can be read on Windows and Mac , so the possibility of FAT data recovery and the loss data are also becoming popular. Most of the windows recovery software as ac Kvisoft Data Recovery for Mac achieve recovery FAT. But there are some questions Data Recovery FAT file system should be considered if you are to recover data from FAT32 .
Directory fragmentation Problem
If data , there is a problem to be noted that a directory with a plurality of clusters slightly fragmented. ( Associated mainly because of the space will be allocated directly to a file ) because the directory is the second cluster , the cluster directory barely slowed only when needed and room after the first cluster , it is very difficult to completely restore the directory. However, if you are more cluster directory copied in its entirety , or defragment recently , all clusters are related and it is possible to complete the restoration .

File name problem
If the file is deleted , the first byte of the directory OxE5 is changed to indicate that it has been removed . For short file names that should be the first byte of the file name are crushed, and the long file name , you will overwrite the serial number. For data recovery, there may be two problems :
Problem file name completion . If recover deleted files , we need to cover the name of the file name if the file has a long file name , we can find the first signs of long file names. If you delete a folder, the original folder in this directory can be changed or can not be changed .
Duplicate name issue. If a directory is affected canceled its first byte ( the first number in the file name) to be removed ( and replaced 0xE5 ) , there are two files , removes the named as A- and B - 1.txt 1.txt , then their names in the directory as "_ - 1.txt " is changed, this happens when looking to conflicting names.

Solitary directories and solitary files problem
There is also a problem when a directory is deleted after assigned . In this case, the current directory is no longer in the original file or directory so that files and directories are not original directory pointing to them , they can not be found. For example , a list of on the original 210 clusters , then the directory is removed and reassigned to the cluster now stands at 400 , the contents of the cluster 210 still exists, but we can not see to ' directory tree, we can do not know if they are available , these files solitary confinement solitary confinement directory or files called.

Solitary directory

To find lonely the directory , each sector of the data area should be checked , there is no standard for the control required is a way to (not the cluster) to review the first 32 bytes of each sector to see if they are consistent with the structure of the directory. When they reach the directory structure, it should continue the rest of the industry to see more information. Check to avoid for each sector , these directories penchant cluster that is assigned to other files missing. Another similar method is to see the first 32 bytes of each group , whether they can find . " " Directory , because the first directory of each directory has a "." Directory , but this method can not find the first cluster of directory can not find other clips.
During the implementation of the method is a method to solve these problems, the establishment of additional directory address sequence . For example , assume some software and some Unix operating systems assume that all sectors are affected directories , each sector into 16 sections is divided with a size of 32 bytes , assuming that each element is a directory , then from the first point of data area of the first sector numbered starting back , the first element of the list , at number 0, the second to the first directory .
However, there is an obvious problem , each file and directory is a directory on her show , but the root does not have. This is because the location of the root directory (the value of size is also included FAT12/16 ) is stored in the boot sector , not from the directory described in the data area. Some software , this problem by assigning the second root as the number of addresses to be solved in the directory , then starts again assigned to three . This segment of the data area of ​​the first term to the third records.

Solitary File
To lonely to find the file that is currently the best method for a particular file format of the header of the file and the end of the file is based to find . This way is very effective for a file stored in a row, but not recover for fragmented files .
Problem of allocation strategy
Win XP procedure allows the file name to be removed after longer retention time because it is not available with the first allocation strategy . But that does not mean that the use of the first available allocation strategy more data can be recovered , because the contents of the original file space that has been occupied by the groups assigned , then the contents of the file is broken . Therefore , even if it is capable of seeing the file name , but not necessarily, not retrieve the stored data.


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