Monday, May 30, 2011

BitDefender Client Security version 3.5(x64/x86)

BitDefender Client Security is a simple, business security and management solution which provides superior proactive protection againsst viruses, rootkits, spyware, spam, phishing and other malware using supplies. The central management console provides a consistent implementation and enforcement of security policies, in addition to the audit reports and extensive network of servers and workstation business.
BitDefender scanning engines were used by certification bodies in the foreground, including the ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin and West Coast Labs has been recognized for their unmatched proactive protection against malware. BitDefender Client Security provides many advanced protection;

When users remotely via firewall or on the road the unsecured wireless networks, they are no longer protected by the firewall perimeter company. grained parameters such as the Internet and the access of IP address, application, port or protocol allows flexible configuration options and at the same maximum security against inbound and outbound threats.

Besides database of virus signatures detection BitDefender offers a heuristic detection that emulates a virtual computer in a computer, check all the files and the behavior of malicious code. This technique produces fewer false positives and detection rate significantly higher on day zero and unknown threats.

Antispyware BitDefender Client Security detects and prevents known spyware and adware cookies with five different filtering methods to prevent changes to the registry, file analysis, control, URL filtering and content inspection monitor outbound data leaks.

Anti Spam with constantly updated blacklists and whitelists of known spam sites offers Bayesian learning another layer of proof that adapts to changes in spammers to circumvent spam filters static.

Content Filtering Content filtering enables the detection of predefined information such as credit card numbers or account numbers, reports the names, customer databases, etc., are outside the company control.

Although phishing as a major threat to the personal threat to the company, phishing sites may include information from your company employees. With a combination of black and white lists updated, BitDefender users prevents access to known phishing sites and prevented compromise.

Kaspersky LAB - Kaspersky Open Space Security Suite 2011

Kaspersky Open Space Security protects your business infrastructure with world-class large anti-malware in an integrated suite of applications that work perfectly on all platforms. Each workstation, laptop, file server, mail server, Internet gateway or smart phone is fully protected, giving you the assurance that the network is safe when you work in the office, remote or at home. This approach is the high value of Kaspersky Lab.

Why Kaspersky Open Space Security
New updates and security products company exceeds industry standards and are suitable for all nodes in the network, but the minimum requirements for your network of valuable resources. Improved security systems are easy to implement, administer and maintain, which will help increase your safety while significantly reducing overall costs. Therefore, your company receives:

Rapid response to new malware attacks
The protection of the safe with all types of Internet threats
Centralized management
Customer orientation, global and local expertise for technical support
Optimized and cost effective security, licensing and procurement, business productivity maximized for a lower investment

Workspace Security Kaspersky
Protect each desktop, laptop and smart phone to your network against all types of threats. Your data will remain locked, so you can continue to work without worries.

Secure IT infrastructure is essential to any successful business. However, security is a major challenge if companies facing complex environments consisting of different test devices, platforms and operating systems.

Kaspersky Work Space Security provides the first enterprise-class anti-malware multi-platform infrastructures. In addition, the integration of Kaspersky Administration Kit everything you need to manage your points of security system effective and profitable in an excellent solution.

Kaspersky Business Space Security
Make sure that security remains flexible and mobile devices for the protection of sites, operating systems and applications you use and to allow competition in a networked world.

In the present context in the networked world, your employees at different locations and using different operating systems and applications work, and take your network exposed to threats and malicious programs. That's why your company needs to protect businesses from anti-malware world class, multi-platform infrastructures.

Kaspersky Business Space Security provides innovative protection for your desktops, laptops, smart phones, and file servers, leaving you with minimal disruption to work and effectively manage the broad interoperability and lower total cost of protection (TCP) .

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security
Multi-site and working at home means that users in different locations. Using high-level protection and messaging server for workgroup servers that allows a safe and fully accessible from anywhere.

As a multi-site and increases the duties of your organization can use on different sites run a variety of operating systems and applications. This creates the vulnerability of your corporate network, making it essential to use, high standards and protection of the mail server.

Kaspersky Total Space Security
Deploy maximum security perimeter network with world-class solution, layered protection against malware and control of all Web traffic and the network of electronic communication.

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security improves the high value by the world class struggle against malware for TCP, it is easy and profitable for your company file and mail server to protect workstations, laptops and smartphones. It offers the latest protection against ultra-reactive anti-malware to protect your data safe and fully accessible to users across the network.

With malware authors using techniques more complex data access and remote attacks, all levels of your company network must be protected.

Kaspersky Total Space Security uses the latest technology from Kaspersky Lab and provides a cost effective solution that is easy to install, easy to manage and provide complete integrated protection for networks of any size. It allows you to all incoming and outgoing data, including e-mail and Web traffic control and communications network to protect all jobs at Internet gateways, which operate within the boundaries of corporate network. In addition, supported by its reliable, fast and sensitive plans global support. It offers great value for Kaspersky Lab.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Remove Antivirus Scan - Delete the Fake Antivirus Scan Virus

Have you already infected with the virus scan? With a name so common, one might think that this software is legal. Phishing software Windows admitted legitimate hackers who created this disaster continue to spread their viruses. This rogue spyware from the same family as the anti-viral effect, and the same false security alerts in the user's computer will be used to think your PC full of viruses, spyware, key loggers, and more fear. It buys a "full version" of the software under pressure. Not, may as a result of identity theft or bank account to stop theft. We have removed the anti-virus software before anything is stolen, if your money or identity.
If you do not want to get rid of the anti-virus will grow, she begins each time you restart your PC. Starts automatically configured this way and asked, with alerts, pop-ups, says the task bar, and much more.
He threatened that their passwords were stolen, the number of your credit card is registered, etc. The worst thing is that the malware blocker is normal and useful, will not work.

We need to remove anti-virus, we can not rely on graphics and photos in style, and other signs. We can use a manual or automatic removal of lead extraction. Before you begin, it is clear that manual removal is only recommended for advanced users and experts. Why? Since a single failure in the registry can harm your PC. But if you just change your PC registry, remove the files from the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, delete files in the% temp%, and end you want to do any anti-virus process. To view the full list on my website.

Manual removal can be difficult and risky.
A mistake can cost hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Therefore recommend the elimination. It's cheap, it does all the work for you, and best of all, your PC against viruses and spyware in the future.

So if you're tired of viruses that try to steal your money and safety is to remove anti-virus quickly and protect your peace of mind in the future.


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