Friday, July 22, 2011

GFI LANguard 2011

GFI acts as your own virtual security consultant, offering a comprehensive overview of the state of network security through vulnerability assessment, patch management and network and software audits.
Among the new features in this version: 
  1. Computer-oriented overview first drilling down information from sensors in the network security level of each test result.
  2. Agent technology quickly scans through load balancing, security, reduced network bandwidth and improved scanning accuracy.
  3. Review reports of high-performance, computer-oriented, customizable reports.
  4. Network security history manage your environment by analyzing changes rather than reading long reports.
  5. Integration with 1500 + in order to identify safety and security applications critical audit to redevelop.
  6. Text search to quickly scan results for each scanned computer. The research results will be structured and hyperlinks allow a thorough analysis of data.
  7. Sanitation Centre revised fix vulnerabilities in a central location. Monitor the status of the restoration of jobs and some of the history of all jobs carried out renovation.
  8. Integration into existing network infrastructure.
  9. Improved scan the ports of information on the process listening on open ports.
  10. Custom software / scripts use improvements for supporting auxiliary / configuration files.
  11. Improved support for virtual infrastructures.
  12. Network Discovery is not bound to restrictions of the license.
Known Issues
Here is a list of questions that may arise during the beta. These issues will be addressed in beta2.
  • Based on first scan SSH (Linux) is disabled.
  • Import settings and the results of the analysis of LANguard 9.x is partially disabled.
  • Occasional memory usage spikes may lead to application crash on some computers.
  • Integrated Remote Desktop Connections on non-start.
  • Enable Remote Desktop on computers running the Remote Registry service is stopped does not work.
  • Activity Monitor security scans correctly with this self-remediation for scans that do not collect information patch was conducted.

eScan Anti-Virus 11- Features

eScan Anti-Virus 11 - is a solution to protect against malicious softwares and data security. eScan 1911 protects systems against viruses, unwanted Internet content, as well as other threats such as keyloggers, spyware, rootkits, adware, botnets, hacker attacks, spam and phishing. The program uses advanced technologies such as the MWL and DIRC NILP advanced heuristics and algorithms.

Key Features of eScan Anti-Virus 11:
* Modern and simple user interface
* The best protection without slowing down the speed of the computer
* Effective protection in real time all the folders and files on your computer
* Set alerts and warnings during the computer game
* Stop memory-intensive process for laptops
* Integrated protection against all network attacks
* Protect files and folders, edit or delete
* Removing Rootkits and infected files that can not be cleaned in the normal mode of Windows
* Automatic check and download critical updates for Windows operating system from Microsoft
* Provides automatically compressed according to the bandwidth of the updated database of network viruses

The main features of eScan Anti-Virus 1911
* Figure friendly
eScan is a new modern graphical user interface, the needs of novice and experienced users, the simple easy and intuitive to use. Escan new interface consumes minimal system resources and requires less memory than it is to work effectively without processing power.

* Fast on-demand
Demand scan enhanced with new technology whitelisting eScan to reduce processing time and ensure a minimum consumption of system resources. This ensures that the performance of the computer user to lose, even if eScan is a complete scan of your system.

* Scan high real-time to improve your computer against viruses
eScan scans in real time, files, messages and attachments to e-mail and Web traffic with MWL technology, and advanced heuristic algorithm DIRC. It allows you to check the contents of the presence of confidential data, inappropriate content, insults and obscene language. Also uses a touch of self-defense to prevent disabling eScan protects the user's computer for malware attacks, a new generation.

* Experience of play without interruption
eScan 1911 comes with advanced detection mode playback feature (detection of the game), which automatically detects the release of the game. If the game prevents eScan alerts and warnings on the screen of the user with a continuous gameplay.

* A powerful heuristic for proactive security
eScan 1911 has a powerful anti-virus heuristic search algorithm that can identify unknown viruses are constantly being created by hackers and virus writers. It detects and warns the user about applications that suspicious behavior, and thus protects the user against unknown threats and zero-day attacks, "it also allows the user to boot from the network block of executable files and pollution of the network.

* Advanced Anti-Spam
eScan 1911 allows you to effectively block spam with integrated technologies, as a mechanism NILP Education (non-intrusive ways of learning) and an advanced heuristic filters work by analyzing the keywords and phrases specific. NILP uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns of user behavior and classification of e-mails than normal and unwanted (spam).

* Protection of files and lock files user
11 eScan allows users to specific files, including the establishment must be locked, and also the protective function of the record of changes that malware identification.

* Improved Firewall
EScan 1911 Firewall integrates seamlessly integrated into the Windows operating system displays a seventh firewall and records the incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer and protect against all forms of network attacks. In addition, there is a set of predefined rules, access control, in particular, the user can configure to filter network traffic.

* Comprehensive Assessment
eScan 1911 allows users to perform an inventory of resources with a static tool to gather information on the system. This tool provides users with comprehensive information about the hardware and software details.

* Full reports
eScan 1911 has extensive reporting capabilities for each of the modules of the user for a more detailed analysis will be used.

* Effective support remote
EScan eScan Remote Support allows technicians to obtain, if necessary, and with the consent of the user to access the computer remotely and directly with the problem. This helps to support the more secure, faster and better, and increase efficiency.

* Effective Backup and Recovery eScan
eScan eScan 1911 has an automatic backup and restore, you warrant that all important system files and save them in encrypted form possible. If contamination of the file system, the system will automatically restore all the "clean" source files.

* Automatic download critical updates Microsoft
eScan 1911 allows you to automatically check and critical updates for Windows operating systems can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site, raising the possibility of exploiting the vulnerabilities of the operating system with malware. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rising PC Doctor

Rising PC Doctor, a security tool for professional and smart computer users. With seven important functions of the automatic analysis of malware, vaccination of USB storage devices, the ability of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows, Fire Behavior Trojans and unwanted, protection against malicious Web sites, Internet Explorer protection and blocker download Trojan Rising PC Doctor Service will significantly improve your protection against malware and cyber attacks.
Detector Trojans and behavior blockers
Rising PC Doctor can detect the majority of Trojans and other malware even very early, before they can execute their malicious functions. This feature will greatly increase your protection against online threats.

Download trojan blocker
After a successful infection, many viruses will automatically start to download a large number of Trojans and other malware. The Trojan blocking technology of Rising PC Doctor guarantees that the infected computer can not download other viruses and stop the spread of whole families of Trojans.

Automated malware analysis
When starting Rising PC Doctor can automatically scan potentially unknown malware. If permitted by the user, can automatically Malware Malware Analyzer Risings (Automated RsAMA) sent for detailed analysis. The user is informed of the outcome of the event and can respond quickly to new threats to the traditional protection is still not available to respond. Analysis of metadata collected by the user community Rising (Rising Cloud Security), are stored in the database security Rising (RSSD), updated information on Internet security features.

The main functions:
  • Completely revised first vulnerability scanning. The vulnerability analysis of the completely redesigned Rising PC Doctor can Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, security settings and third-party software from many manufacturers acknowledge. With the ease of use interface allows even novice users are potential vulnerabilities in the operating system and many other major software applications.
  • 2nd, Great ability to repair Internet Explorer and Windows. Rising PC Doctor, Internet Explorer on several computers, including home page is malware, adware, or permanent display of many other problems in the grip changed to correct. Rising on computers like PC Doctor can help you repair the system registry, system settings, and the host file.
  • 3rd, Powerful process and startup management. This feature gives you greater control over the drivers, startup programs, Active-X controls and other significant influence on the operation of computer software loaded.
  • 4th, Advanced tools for experienced users. Rising PC Doctor provides additional tools for experienced users such as disk cleanup, system management mode, service management, application networking, repair LSP, File Shredder and specific tools for suppression should be eliminated only a limited number of viruses.
Other features:
  • First Spyware Scan and Removal. Rising PC Doctor detects and completely remove many types of particularly unpleasant spyware from your computer.
  • Strong second protection against the latest Trojans. Rising PC Doctor detects and destroys millions of Trojans designed to steal valuable user information streams such as online gaming or online bank accounts.
  • 3rd, Privacy Policy. Rising PC Doctor protects your privacy. Rising PC Doctor with inexperienced users can also easily remove potentially sensitive information such as browser and media player history or the list of recently used files in Microsoft Office opens.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

NETGATE Spy Emergency 9.0.405.0 Review

Spy Emergency is anti-spyware software that fast and secure spyware and other internet infections from your PC away.
Spy Emergency protects against malware, spyware, adware, emote administration tools, homepage hijackers, dialers, keyloggers and many other types of Internet infections.
Spy Emergency supports resident shields for real-time protection, automatic updates of infections database for better protection. Put ideas with Spy Emergency.
Spy Emergency is a security software that protects your PC from spyware, malware and adware.
Use easy-to-use interface, even for inexperienced users Adware
Just three clicks to wash away your problems with Spyware Adware Spy Emergency. By simply clicking the Start button system scan starts immediately. Click Next to review detected items, click the Delete button to delete it.

Light on system resources
Spy Emergency do not slow down your computer and still protects you during working hours are not like other anti-spyware software.

Huge database of signatures
Spy Emergency has more than 985 000 threat definitions in its signature database.
In the wild malware removal
You can run Anti-Spyware to save money but these products may not catch really bad stuff and malware and spyware animals, including worms and Trojans. So you need something antispyware weapon like Spy Emergency really is powerful.

Updates to databases Regular
Download updates Small and regular definition significant reduction of the update.

Heuristics detection and real-time protection
With in malware detection heuristics Spy Emergency detects new and unknown malware built into the threat before it by wild virus-scanning and other publishers to be identified to update signatures.

Integration of anti-spyware, anti-malware technologies and anti-spam
Spy Emergency supports not only the detection of malware, adware and spyware, but also detection of malware such as trojans, worms and backdoors. It checks your e-mail not only for malware but for spam messages too with built-in spam filter. When the worm or Trojan horse computer virus is detected, it automatically locks.

Here are some key features of "Spy Emergency":

* Built-in proactive resident shield protection with dynamic heuristic engine that can even detect new and unknown Internet threats
* Lowlevel Anti-rootkit Protection
* Scan of your registry
* Extended behavioral heuristic scanning
* Support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers
 * Site Identity Verifier
* Scan of your system memory
* System directory storage scan
* Scan of your storage
* Built-in anti-spam
* Hijackers scan
* Tracking cookies scan
* Host file scan
* Command line interface
* Heuristic malware detection
* Polymorhic malware detection
* Generic unpacker with support for UPX, Aspack, ...
* Browser shields, including homepage shield
* Automatic LSP stack repair
* Real-time memory shields that blocks spyware before it executes
* Prevention shields that blocks malware installation
* News updates
* Tracking cookies shields
* Automatic incremental database updates
* Keeplist
* Individual items restore functionality
* Handy Shell Extension Scanning
* Scheduling support
* Intuitive and clear user interface for spyware removal
* Simple configuration
* Skin support
* Language support

Antivirus LiveCD 8 in 1 NEO

If the actions of malware, it is impossible, a computer with Windows or Unix, the reset of the affected system made with Dr.Web LiveCD free!
1st- Dr.Web LiveCD will not only deleted from your computer infected and suspicious files, but also to protect sensitive information on removable media or another infected computer and attempts to copy objects disinfected.

2nd- Kaspersky Rescue Disk 1910 (217 MB)
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 - Special program to scan and disinfect infected computers x86 and x64-compatible. The program is used when the extent of the infection if it is not possible, your computer with antivirus programs or processing tools (such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool) to heal, running the operating system.
The effectiveness of treatment is that in the system are malicious programs do not get a grip extends at boot time. While disaster recovery is available only on the problem of testing equipment and updating of databases and back and updates the statistics.

3rd- AVG Rescue CD (92 MB)
AVG Rescue CD - antivirus boot disk for recovery of Windows systems, start-up can not or have lost this ability due to infection from viruses or malware.

4th- BitDefender Rescue CD (362 MB)
BitDefender Rescue CD scans and removes viruses and other malicious software on all hard drives, before the operating system to load on Windows. The boot disk for recovery is used when the system can not be loaded or not working properly because the computer is infected with malware. This can occur if the computer virus protection software is installed.

5th- Avira AntiVir Rescue System (226 MB)
Avira AntiVir Rescue System enables users of data stored on your computer when you start can not access the system. Thus, with the help of this program, you can:
Restore a damaged system,
Data Warehouse
Scanning for viruses and malware.

6th- ESET LiveCD (201 MB)
ESET NOD32 LiveCD - a boot disk that allows you to quickly start to recover your computer after the operating system to retirement.
In addition, ESET NOD32 LiveCD guaranteed to remove viruses, potentially dangerous files and sophisticated malware that could be neutralized in normal mode.

7th- F-Secure CD 3.11 (120 MB)
F-Secure Rescue CD - antivirus rescue CD is based on the Linux operating system scans your computer and install the extension. Virus for all files containing malware.

8th- VBA32 Rescue
This product allows you to disarm the malicious (and suspicious) software on the computer of the user with the greatest effect. Scanning and processing, are independent of the operating system installed on your computer. For this reason, the malware will not be able to thwart the process of neutralization.

1-Format the USB stick first of Hpusbfw.exe program the FAT32 file system.
Program Hpusbfw.exe also a flash drive bootable.

2-Unzip the contents of the second distribution to the root of the key.

3- Restart your computer and select USB in the BIOS or press F10 at startup (F2, F12 or another key to select the boot device - depending on the motherboard) to start.

If for any reason your flash drive did not boot, you can try to do the following:
1). Download
2). Apply grubinst_gui.exe to stick
Year: 2011
Version: 1 Build 0
Developer: Various
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatible with Windows 7: full
System requirements: PC-compatible computer

Download (Oron)

Download (Wupload)


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