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Keep Computer Safe without Any Antivirus Installed

Do you really think you can not go out without antivirus software? And if we show that you use your computer without an antivirus program? There are certain practices that you should follow to keep your system running smoothly, even without the need for anti-virus software.

We will conduct the main sources of threats and possible solutions to keep your computer away from these issues, which could prove that it is really dangerous for your system
Internet is the main source
Nothing can be done without the Internet. All of us have become heavily dependent on them, but this is the main source of viruses and malicious code. We explore the world of the Internet browser to connect to kins and friends via social media sites and the torrent or P2P download with a purpose. See the dangers of this important daily activities!

Browsing and Navigation:
Whenever we see you tend to download files. She is not the only activity that is happening, it could be that you are not aware of the activities, such as scripting, cookie poisoning by hackers and temporary files that are stored in your system. These scripts, cookies and temporary files, hackers "trying to access your personal information.

These attempts failed ones can be proven by the strong browsers have disabled the ability to use cookies, scripts, temporary files and URLs stored in your system.

Social media sites:
As a recognized updated almost all social media platforms used to be and remain connected so that hackers use this fact to flood these pages with malicious code does. Hackers consider this act contrary to ethics as their task, we must be a little smarter to avoid their traps. Just use your common sense and do not click links that look suspicious. Also, try to avoid the unknown demands.

In case you have an incentive to click on a link you are not sure on this link you scan with the security software that is available online, and click. "AVG LinkScanner Online" is a software you can scan the online link.

Torrent or P2P downloads:
If you download software or a movie or other file with torrent or P2P, you can not predict whether the downloaded file is infected or not. These sites also use pirated copies, which could worsen the problem over. So it is always advisable not to use these sites to download a file.

Keep your computer safe without antivirus software, it is not rocket science. It's just that you must be careful when performing certain tasks.

Know about Hackers & Virus Developers

After sitting a virus on your computer causes pain for you in every possible way he can. It needs to rest user session, as it is difficult to deal with certain types of viruses. Now the question is: What is the purpose of the virus writer acts behind the development of malware? How are they taken? To answer these questions of you that can often arise in the minds of users, we need to dig a little deeper. Are you ready for this? Then we will begin to explore every detail.
Are hackers and virus developers are the same people?
Certainly not! Hackers and malware authors are two different types of people. Although the development of a virus is to do a destructive task, but for developers is not "steal". The creators are not directed at any target, while the development of a virus. However, hackers have set targets to attack with these programs.

However, the main concern of the pirates is developed for malicious programs to use to steal important information from users. Hackers use sophisticated and malicious programs to do their job successfully methods.

It could be a matter of joy for the developers!
Often it was found that the creators of such a program to be fun to play pranks with friends to develop. You can also use a test computer skills. These creators are for the most part, younger group of people and they do not understand or do not realize the impact that their programs can cause if they fall into the wrong hands.

Sometimes dissatisfied employees can benefit from this step to create serious harm to the society. Survey says that the developers mainly men who are younger than 30 years. .

The virus can be legitimate reasons!
It is not always that viruses are used for illegal purposes, but a malicious program may have a legal case as well. What we are trying to say here is virus programs with a purpose to create the security check function on the computer. This is crucial to know the level of vulnerability of a system, how to improve the security features. But these viruses are serious when it is abused.

Virus writers can more wasteful!
The fact is that anti-virus programs do not require special skills to develop competence. However, if the proponent will need to develop stronger virus programs, while older programs are the foundation of the new. Gradually the basic programs take a face of those strong and serious, which could be harmful, and it is likely that even replicated viruses are developed.

Prediction of expertise is that eventually all computing devices are affected by malware on a larger scale, this is a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop or a laptop. To avoid this kind of mishap, it is best to be well informed about the security of the system and spread, the importance of antivirus software for all users.

Tips to stay protected in an open wireless network

For many users the security of wireless networks that do not inform on any key when the network can not be accessed with a password key in the hat, as it is an open, unsecured network. Often it happens that you're left with no choice but to use it.
It is fact that if you do not not want security measures to protect your computer, chances are that the information your data will be downloaded from an intruder or track your keystrokes without your knowledge. Here's how to use your computer in a non-secure network.
Turn on the Auto-connection
If your computer is on a public network, disable automatic connection, if you do not want to use the Internet in public hotspots. If you need to use the Internet in such a connection, you can create it manually.

Online transaction is a big no
For online transaction, you have sensitive data that are harmful to you and could be a way for hackers to steal its use. Try to avoid any type of online transaction on an open network. Why do not you do these operations on a secure network?

The use of "https" is recommended
"Https" is a secure data transmission from the Web server on your computer and vice versa encrypted channel. Thus, it is advisable to "https" instead of "http" in the use of open network. However, there are sites that do not support "https". In such a scenario, it is best not to use these sites.

Turn off file sharing
Do not forget to disable a folder, file sharing or partition on your system before connected to an open network. Your files can go into the wrong hands.

Enable the firewall
To avoid any kind of malicious programs away from your computer, it is good to activate the firewall. This filter difficult issues and allows you to stay in the protected network.

If you are in an open network, you should follow these practices strictly keep away from the danger zone. But I advise you away from this network as much as possible.

How to have a safe e-mailing

It is difficult not to stop sending and receiving e-mails in your day to day. It might seem easy to send or receive e-mail with the tap of a button, but it's not as easy as you think it is. It involves many risks when dealing with e-mails. You may not know but there's a chance you access to your personal information to allow an intruder, with the click of a button on your email.

To avoid any illegal activities, you need to pay attention to your e-mail account. Here are some methods that you can follow while treating your emails should.
Take care of sensitive information
When sending contact information such as phone number or address, you should use the recipient to send the details. Unless you know the person, do not make the mistake by. Their personal contact information to the recipient Send bank or credit card is a big NO!

Phishing is another technique to entice users with fraudulent e-mails. Users can fall into the trap and provide the login information for hackers, e-mails through legal and demanding companies for sending information contains sensitive receiver.

Spam or spam are those who can consume unnecessary space in your mailbox. To avoid these messages, you need a spam filter on your desktop mail client or other webmail providers have the spam filter installed Web, automatically delete the spam.

Sending emails with attachments
Before sending an e-mail with attachments, you should check with the administrator mailbox, if the size of the file you are trying to reach is in the size limit or not. The next thing to do is send the file with a protective layer to compress the file with a different format and send it through.

Receiving e-mails with attachments
If you know that you get a system, you must run a virus scan. If you are not sure of the sender convinced not to click on the attachment. If the sender is unknown, the chances are higher that it is a trap set by hackers to break into your mailbox. Do not make a mistake, click on the file with the extension ". Exe". This could be a virus that targeted your computer.

Following these practices can help you achieve your sensitive data against troublemakers.

Software Bugs and Compatibility Issue with Computer

If an application is your computer is funny, it might not catch your attention at once. For example, say that the text editing program takes too long to launch or media player is capable of playing video, etc. While these may seem like a big deal, but this small mistake could cause terribly a great nuisance when ignored for long.

Software bugs
In some applications, there are no compatibility problems or system errors, but the problem is due to a coding error in the program itself. These errors are referred to as software bugs. These errors can cause a variety of problems and inconvenience to the user. Some of these bugs have little impact on functionality, where a few bugs in serious accidents and freezing problems. Some software bugs also cause security vulnerabilities. This can lead to unauthorized access to your computer.

Most computer users use both old and new software on your computer. If you use applications that are outdated, your operating system might face problem when you run these applications. This can lead to errors, freeze ups or the program can lead to completely stop working. To solve this problem, you can the manufacturer's website and search for new updates to this application. Updating the application may fix this compatibility issue.

Run this program in compatibility mode

Some software problems can be solved by running the application in compatibility mode. Right-click the program icon and select Properties. Select compatibility and check the terms of this program in compatibility mode. Select the operating system you want to run this application from the list. You can save your current settings keeping other options listed there. After making all your changes, click OK.

No room for Viruses in your Computer

These nasty viruses are programs that go into your computer and try to bring uninvited some type of software or hardware malfunction or worse. Viruses are nothing but a code that has to work differently, the ability to replicate itself and spread from one computer to another via external devices, unsecured network, CD, flash drives, etc. Several viruses are developed. Where are some viruses do not cause any damage to your computer, but is simply designed to interfere with the operator, some viruses are extremely dangerous and can cause serious damage to your computer.
May by all means spread by virus, is the largest internet hub. Such as PCs now increasingly integrated with the Internet, seriously increases the chances for viruses. However, these invasions can be prevented by the proper precautions. Here is a list of some things you can do to your computer from this vile creatures.
  • Give your PC a strong virus protection.
  • The best and easiest way to protect your computer by installing a solid antivirus software. There are many antivirus software available today, the significant protection against all types of viruses. The choice of a virus depends entirely on how much protection you need. If your data is so critical then a simple version of the virus would not, if your data is too critical and can not afford to lose, then it is an antivirus program that provides comprehensive protection, is mandatory. If you are a constant user of the internet, it provides anti-virus protection in real time is a necessity.
  • Keep your antivirus updated. No antivirus will work for you if you do not keep up to date. This is because many viruses are born every day. If your antivirus program is old, he will not be enough to fight the newborns. All good antivirus manufacturers keep introducing new versions from time to time. You just have to keep up with them and update the last person to keep out of the danger zone.
  • Use a firewall. A firewall is a software or a device that is designed to (by viruses or hacking), unauthorized access to your computer to restrict access. If you do not have a firewall, your computer is vulnerable to malicious infections.
  • Look for the opening random attachments. Only open attachments or files that are sent from a known source. People are often unconcerned about these links, files, or other types of fastening and open unconsciously. These systems are unknown to most viruses and once the virus in the computer, you will not want to displace them. In fact, the best way to see if the file is a virus or not, through digitization. Always scan attachments before downloading these parts.
  • Do not download stuff from unknown websites. Almost all antivirus functionality combined well to indicate that the site is free of viruses or not. They want to see a green check mark icon on these pages are safe to visit, and a small symbol of a red cross on the sides, which are dangerous. Visit because these sites are definitely not infected sites that are not secure.

Some Common PC Errors and Their Solutions

Check all the connections like Monitor Cable, Data cables,RAM, Display Card , CPU connections.

THREE BEEPS ( 1 Long 2 Short)
Problem in Display Card Connection
Data cable to be connected properly (twisted cable).

Key Board Problem (I.e.; Some Key is pressed for Longer time)

Problem in BIOS or RAM (Basic Input Output System)

Problem in RAM Connection.
Check Power cord of FDD , Data Cables , set CMOS & Finally the Check drive.

a. Check Power Cord
b. Check connection of HDD
c. Check Data cable
d. Check Hard Disk parameters in CMOS or Auto detecting Setting Partitions by Fdisk Command, then format it to set track 0.

a. Check Display card connection
b. Virus Problem
c. Video Memory Problem

Replace 3 Volt battery of Mother Board . Set Original Settings Manually.(Refer­ CMOS Setup chart) Enter your search terms.Submit search form.
a. Check main power cord
b. Check S.M.P.S.
c. Check Mother Board connection

Hard Disk cable connected wrongly. Connect rightly seeing the Red mark (Faces power supply) and then Restart.

This will happen due to sudden ON/OFF of the system. Final solution is to Reinstall Operating System.

a. Check S.M.P.S
b. RAM not functioning properly.
c. Software problem (due to using pirated software)
d. CPU fan not functioning properly.

a. Check Earthing
b. Check main power cord.

a. Earthing problem
b. Magnetic waves comes around.

a. Floppy Drive having different disk (Non-Bootable Disk) OR CMOS Parameters for Hard Disk may not be set properly.
b. Hard Disk Partitions may not be created.
c. Hard Disk may not be formatted.

The System files missing namely Ie;} -User File IO.SYS & MS_DOS.SYS } - Hidden Files. These above three files required for Start up of the system that can be transferred by using SYS C: Command OR While the time of formatting by using Format c:/u/s

May the file is corrupted OR Infected by Virus OR Some one has Erased it.

a. The type of Hard Disk in CMOS may not be set properly.
b. Operating system used for formatting is not valid.

a. May some Directories or Files crash with other files.
b. Use CHKDSK/F or SCANDISK Command to correct it.

a. Unstabilized power supply.
b. Check for Loose Contact.
c. Do not use Y Connectors for Hard Disk.
d. It may create Bad Sector OR Weak Hard Disk.

Check for Bad Sector by using CHKDSK or SCANDISK Command. If found format the Hard Disk and set Partition before that area.(This is the only procedure to use Hard Disk with Bad Sector) OR (To avoid Bad Sectors use Standard Power Supply)

Operating System where the Hard Disk formatted is not supported with present Mother Board. For Eg: Hard Disk formatted with Pentium System will hide their partitions for 486 System.

May the above files may be corrupted due to power failure or Virus. Make available above files from other Computer. OR Reinstall Windows 98 Operating System. (This procedure will not make any effect on existing Data).

a. Check Power Connector
b. Check Data Cables
c. Check Jumpers

a. Configure Display Card properly with their CD.
b. The Standard setting for Windows is set it to 800x600 for better performance.

May the Driver utility is not provided with operating system . Insert Driver CD and install software for the above Device...

How to Secure Smartphone from Hackers

1- Use Everywhere access codes:
If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can access your computer by preventing a model password or lock on Android. This simple step can save sensitive information This tour is especially important if you have a few applications installed when personal data such as financial applications are saved (mint,Banking applications, etc.), touch applications, the home screen, password etc important because much of the email applications on the iPhone and Gmail on Android) have (e even an option to change the code your e-mail. E-mails can contain a variety of private information and because most people go to parties and leave their phones on tables and countertops. Sp password is required.

2- Protect your iCloud and Google Account:
The second thing is that most, if can someone in your access iCloud or Google account, you can access a data set that you could create and edit your smartphone. In these times, it is a step to allow the 2 -Check these two Google Account accounts.Your connects you essentially all Google services from Gmail to YouTube to Google Calendar Google Maps Play for Google Picasa by Google +, Etc, etc, etc. ..

3-Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting Your smartphone:

If you jailbreak or root your Phone for fun and enjoyment, then good for you. But you should avoid it because it mess up your phone and show you more grief Happiness. Second, you will not be able to update your phone with the latest updates of the operating system, because it is in a unsupported mode.

4- Be careful with the applications you Install:
This is particularly important for Android devices. Google recently 50,000 applications were withdrawn Suspects contain viruses. There are many applications, malware, viruses or other sneaky software to steal your information or limit damage to the phone. The Apple Application Store also has this problem.So, pay attention to the installation of applications.

5-Use an apps instead of Browser:
If you're banking on your Phone or trading stock or anything else that may contain sensitive personal data Information between your phone and the Internet, it is best to use in place a formal application to the site or the company with the opening Your browser example phone.For have Chase, Bank of America and other large financial institutions their own applications for iOS and Android.

6- Check which application can access:
You've probably seen the following Message on your iPhone percent before: There are all kinds of this "AppName would Access their data messages. "Data can take pictures, location, contacts are etc. Not only click OK all the time.If anything, it is all the time better to just choose not to allow and if you really can not use the application later You can manually save and change to allow access.

7- Keep data secure:
Not only is it a good idea to keep your Smartphone set where they stolen, and you have a distance Wipe. Apple users can Install the Find My iPhone app will remotely lock a Phone and remote wipe if you know it is not you stolen.If  have your data backed up, you lose everything if it is stolen. When you return locally or in the cloud, you able to wipe your phone and get all the your data to the new phone.On Android is integrated Backup tool, but it does not guarantee everything on your phone, such as the iOS does.

8- Report your stolen cell phone:
It was a stolen phone Database created, which together between the major wireless carriers.You can report your stolen phone that will prevent someone Connected to the carrier and having Data or minutes. If they try to erase, not always replace the SIM card, etc. they used to activate one of the Support due to series Number.

9- Updating the OS:
Just as you must constantly Install updates for Microsoft security Your PC is a good idea to install the latest updates Smartphone. If there is no major Problems with the update that Deterioration of battery life, etc., but when nothing stands out, then update the phone.In In addition to updating the operating system,it is also a good idea to update the Applications installed on your phone.

10- Wireless and Bluetooth:
If you are not at home, it is best try disabling the wireless Total Bluetooth and use your 3G or 4G connection, if you can. The Once you have a secure connection to a non-Wireless network, you are open to Hackers scan for more victims the network. An attacker tries to connect to steal your phone and data etc.If is Bluetooth compatible seen, there are hackers Another possibility could see the data be passed between the Bluetooth Device and your mobile phone.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lost Data Recovery from Raid

Electronic advances are one of the most important assets in the modern era. The bulk of the work currently comes through electronic media such as telephones, computers, fax, etc. Among these options are the most important computer applications solutions to the increasing demands. It is not just for recreational purposes only personal, but all the various important goals. Due to its robustness and reliability, most of the work in this way. As work continues to increase, it should be an ideal solution for storing large amounts of data generated through the daily work. Currently, there are several options for storing large amounts of data such as CD, USB and other keys. Among them, the RAID is one of the latest technologies for the same purpose. This method of data storage is very fault tolerant and efficient, which allows users to secure support and maintenance of valuable documents to help. But like all other electronic devices, these storage options sometimes corrupted or damaged. This can be because of viruses on the Internet or overload of work in a system. This problem leads to serious difficulties, it is often very difficult to recover this valuable information if they are lost or damaged. This shock absorber business processes and personal dissatisfaction. RAID recovery is one of the most difficult, especially when the system is corrupt storage tasks.
Since this method of storing data is complex and multi-layered, valuable information is a daunting task. We must have a thorough knowledge of its infrastructure and its various complications during recovery raid. This method is new and more demanding than other existing storage devices on the market today, one day, that additional efforts must be restored. Different data are archived always full of resources and provides support in all aspects of development, is the restoration of one of the most important for everyone and for all corporate tasks houses. For a successful recovery of files, you must know that every minute of their application possibilities and should be very well informed about their concepts. Since most people are not in the same media related to their field of topics for this specific problem, an alternative low-cost approach is the need of the hour to solve this problem. Many software companies now a days offer solutions and provide their expertise to these causes. These homes help IT solutions usually recover the lost data, which are valuable and will not be recovered due to various complications in a simpler tactics. This helps individuals or corporate houses, back on track without too much time or lack of important appointments. These companies have a comprehensive knowledge on various topics on the system as well as possible solutions. They are enough to complete the process of restoring a known smoothly. With their expertise in the particular problem-solving skills, they are now in high demand by the different sectors. The friendly staff are well trained and have the opportunity to ask questions related to this issue to fix.


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