Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Web Security Threats To Look Out For

Is your network is properly protected against web threats? Do you weigh in a false sense of security?

The pirates are changing their habits and use of new methods, web, dynamic in nature and usually hidden in legitimate sites. The end user remains the weakest link in the Web security as malware writers exploit this weakness to launch their attacks, hunting human interest, and curiosity behavior. Social networks are "trusted" and users rely on their IT administrators to protect and lulls all into a false sense of security.

Exploiting news events - Hackers use stories as to trick users
Barely 24 hours after the announcement was the death of Qaddafi, we released that targeted malware that exploit the curiosity to see the history of big news began to be transmitted. Cybercriminals use human interest - and big news stories of the world as they generate a huge amount of hedging activities and the Internet. The same thing happened when bin Laden is dead, and when the royal wedding took place - and the trend will continue. The same trick is Halloween and other seasonal stories used, we saw many of these occur on social networking sites and others. Social engineering attacks to convince users to download content to the alleged event that is infected with new strains of malware related. Any event that is of interest and the interest generated is used to spread malware scams, fraud and other.

 Insecurity browsers and plug-ins - only with Windows Update is not enough
Although your favorite web browser and operating system can be saved and corrected, the reality is that most people do not update plug-ins. Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader plug-ins are often outdated and there are Web exploits that use this weakness to infect networks. Web exploits that specifically target this vulnerability (such as the Black Hole exploit kit) are increasingly popular in the cyber-criminals.

Compromised high profile Webs and "drive-by downloads"
So how to distribute these vulnerabilities? The first method is "fast flux" sites, sites that are created solely for the purpose of distributing malware for a short time. The second way is to compromise a site level and the injection of a "drive-by download" - a piece of code that infects a user when they have a website (there is no need of anything, click here - just visit the site of infection is the user's computer - so that drive-by). the site and the site were exposed to these two types of attacks.

There is a third method of spreading these infections. Instead of using a website, send a malware authors content on Web advertising companies infected. This content is then passed on thousands of websites with these promotional affiliates, and each site hosting the ads is to spread malware, and this code is detected. The London Stock Exchange was a website that exposed to these types of attacks this year, even though it was by far not the only way.

Search Engine Poisoning
End users have become accustomed to rely on search engines. They (wrongly) believe that the well-known search engine like Google or Bing would never directly on a website that is infected with malicious software. But search engines do not really make a difference between sites, the search results according to their ranking algorithms. As a result of malware authors are flooding search results with links to the pages of bait to take the user to download malicious websites, malicious software on their computers. As users became more suspicious you are certain types of links, this type of search image search now, the most difficult to avoid are moved.

Evolve as Internet threats, it is more difficult to ignore exposed to the threat posed by the user browsing the Internet, and further develop as an attack, you must ensure that your Web browsing activity n ' is not so expect more than you.

Fake Antivirus Scams and Android Users

Fake anti-virus, or "scareware" scams are in practices, the crooks will be used to make illegal profits in recent years. The scam often offer convincing replicas of legitimate anti-malware software for users in the installation of malicious software to steal confidential information or to encrypt the hard drives and extort money from the owner of the data to decrypt deceive.

Windows systems have been the prime target for scam scareware. But now, with the use of explosives of the mobile device, said Denis Maslennikov Kaspersky Lab researcher that online fraudsters have started for users of mobile devices with Android offers similar viruses and false fake anti-virus software. Write on the blog SecureList Maslennikov said that Web search turns to popular mobile applications, such as the mobile version of Opera Web browser, are fraudulent sites offer "free" for viruses from devices phones, including Android.

As scareware scam for users of Microsoft Windows, the results are predictable free scans.

"Both parties argue that the user device may be infected, and someone verify access to personal data and then ask the user to the device for malware."

A scan of the camera returns hard-coded "positive" results and encourages the user to the mobile device to "activate" the protection of the safety of the device by clicking on a link in the scan results. Click here to download and install a malicious application that Kaspersky detects Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Scavir for Android.

Attacks against mobile devices are becoming more common as users shift their preferences from desktops and laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 5 Anti Virus Software Packages Review – Spyware and Virus Cleaner

In search of the top 5 software review anti-virus packages that can also act as spyware and malware cleaners? There are many different types of security software available for download on the Internet, and find the best for themselves a difficult task may be enough.

Finding the Best Anti-virus software and Malware Removal?
There are a few online sites that offer good reviews of the virus in the best and most popular spyware removers and cleaning programs. With so many different things online download option would be worth the time to learn to how each works. In the digital age of today, it is very common for typical users have their computers infected with malicious files.

Top 5 Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Software Review:

No Adware Software
It is the protection program, which recognize me and to eliminate all threats and malicious files, which helped my system infected PC before. The scan tool is one of the most advanced among all the others on the market and is able to offer a real-time protection. It can also detect, find files by e-mail to more if they threats before they open contain.

Adware Alert
Another protection program to get rid of this can alert the virus called adware and adware. You can program it to run a frequent corrections scan (d, regular analysis of all files. It is also with the ability to automatically update and generate alerts when new patches are designed to be available.

Spyware Remover
This software deals with malware before they are activated and damage to your computer system. It also helps the user to online sites and programs to determine if they authenticate to open safe.

Spyware Nuker
Netcom3 a particularly well-designed user interface and provides functions for real-time scanning. However, the detection and scanning speed may be slower than other software.

This is another software automatically updates itself and is a potent blocker of keyloggers, spyware, adware and other forms of malware in general.

Antivirus Protection – Free, Trial or Licensed Version?

Antivirus products were available to computer users for some time. Many companies have created various applications antivirus firewall software to users. Antivirus software helps you eliminate viruses and prevent them from infecting your system. Anti-virus programs are used to detect, identify and remove viruses, malware, Trojans and worms when they enter your network or local computer. Anti-virus software is outdated, to protect your computer, but you still need to buy.

Currently, there are many opportunities for security programs, which are manufactured by different companies. The most common anti-virus programs now Avast Anti Virus, AVG Anti-Virus, Avira Antivirus, BitDefender, ClamWin, ESET NOD32, Kaspersky Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Panda Antivirus and Norton Anti Virus. It is highly recommended that computer users have anti-virus programs to install in their systems. However, the choice to install the version you need to know the advantages and disadvantages.

There are no further security applications. they are really free to download. but the installation of free anti-virus program has its drawbacks. Not all free anti-virus products are updated. Thus, the most capable, without anti-virus software does not recognize recognize and identify new viruses and malware. The databases are in some versions of the free movement of anti-virus updated.

In addition to free versions of antivirus and security applications, there is also a trial version of antivirus products. Trial versions are made so that users can evaluate the products. Trial of anti-virus products are updated more free versions of antivirus software. However, trial versions of antivirus software usually takes 30 days only. Then you need to download another antivirus product or buy the licensed version of the software malware protection.

On the other hand, are licensed versions of programs to prevent malicious as the most effective of the three versions. While effective, they come with a price. there are people, but who do not buy the licensed version, so it can with the free trial versions and stick. Licensed versions include more complete protection and are easy to update. they have more advantages than the other two versions of the databases updated and strict security measures. In addition, licensed versions of other tools to protect your computer as free versions and trial versions will.

When selecting an antivirus solution firewall software for your computer, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a free version or a trial or licensed version of the program you want to use.

SpyHunter - IKU - Brief Review

SpyHunteris is real-time anti-spyware softwre by West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification, developed support system and computer users to protect their computer from malicious threats.SpyHunter configured out of the box to give an optimal protection with limited interaction all you have to do to install rapid and permanent protection.

Here are some key features of Spy Hunter are: 
  • Removes spyware, adware, keyloggers, cookies, spyware registry keys, toolbars, internal popup programs, memory resident spyware
  • Rollers capacity back to the distance to undo the spyware.
  • Remove spyware programs that slow your computer
  • Database of 500 spyware and adware
  • The fastest scanner on the market (timed vs other products)
  • Free updates when new spyware parasites
  • Interface simple (to be as simple as a child's toy) use
Benefits while using SpyHunter:
- Detect, block and remove thousands of spyware, rootkits, adware, keyloggers, cookies, trojans, worms and other malware.
- New! Compact integrated OS SpyHunter to remove rootkits and other malware parasites help the rebels.
New! Guards system to identify and stop all processes that attempt tosecretly Auto-Start-malware entries using the Windows registry.
- New! Exclusions feature allows you to exclude certain programs from being detected in future scans SpyHunter.
- Interactive one-on-one customer service called Spyware HelpDesk.
- New spyware definitions daily update added to ensure complete protection against the latest malware trends.
- Easy to use interface with intelligent automatic protection.
-Custom malware specific corrections to your computer for spyware Spyware HelpDesk problems.SpyHunters create a diagnostic report, sent to isanalyzed of our technicians, and a custom automated fix generated fromthe report to you on SpyHunter.


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