Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reasons to Avoid Windows 7

Windows 7, hits stores becoming the best version of the Microsoft operating system is still widely used.

But nothing is perfect. Windows 7, like everyone else, has flaws - some of them major. on Tuesday a list of good reasons to change to Windows 7, including an improved user interface, improved compatibility with newer hardware and a seamless entertainment experience. (For more information, see our first look at Windows 7)

The reasons why you consider skipping this upgrade ever could: Now look at the other side of the story.

Upgrading from Windows XP requires a clean installation
If you are a Windows XP user, upgrading is not as simple as inserting a disc and start the installation. Instead, you should back up your applications and files, erase your hard drive and perform a clean installation of Windows 7 After Windows 7 is installed and running, you must manually install the software and re-use your library files or file transfer trust Microsoft to migrate your files for you.

We see this not so much of a headache as the data backup must be performed regardless of whether you are moving to a new operating system. In addition, a new facility is to be preferred in order to ensure proper performance. But we understand why this would bug many XP users. On the one hand, it's time. On the other hand many are sensitive to their data, and they do not have to trust Microsoft. (We do not blame them.) Third, if XP works well for you, why fix what is not broken?

Vista users, on the other hand, can upgrade to Windows 7 without reinstalling. You might as well get out of this train wreck, because it's easy.

The upgrade is expensive
Windows 7 is not cheap. Prices vary depending on the version you choose, but you'll pay at least $ 120 to upgrade from XP or Vista. And if you do not already have a copy of the Windows operating system, you have to pay the full price of at least $ 200 for Windows 7.

In the software market is not ridiculous $ 120 for an upgrade. Apple Mac OS X Leopard costs $ 130, for example. However, Apple plans its next operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard for $ 30 to sell current Leopard users. This change in power, because Apple Windows 7 Download look pretty steep.

It costs you time,
Customers are most likely to decide against the upgrade to Windows 7 because the company money. Joe Ansel, owner of a company that is considering the development of science centers, wrote in an e-mail to outlines the reasons for not upgrading to Windows 7: "The improvements will cost us time and money we play with our computers to do them things they used to do seamlessly -. while the phone never rings, and you get 60 emails a day Do not get me wrong, as a business owner, the cost for the update itself is nothing compared to the loss of wages to try to do the new operating system, what did the old. "

Ansel added that companies feel to perform the arcane software also reluctant to change. Microsoft promises Windows 7 will support almost every piece of software is compatible with Windows XP, and in rare cases it is not, it is an XP virtualization mode backward compatibility. However, companies invest thousands of dollars to create a stable environment, and it's easy to understand why they do not want their non-apple cart upset.

It is still under Windows
Despite the provision of a modern and intuitive interface in Windows 7, the OS is still Windows. In our first look at Windows 7, we complained about the inability of the operating system detects an Adobe AIR followed by his inability to a program to run the file.

In addition, Windows 7 is not immediately know what to do with certain tasks rather obvious. When you insert a USB drive, for example, you must have Windows 7, (ie open the folder to view files) to do what they tell and adjust the settings to get the OS to behave in this way. In short, if you start you need to do a lot of tweaking and adjustment to ensure a smooth transition. Unfortunately, it is an experience that all Windows users are accustomed to - things "just work".

Security is not always better
Steven Vaughan-Nichols Computerworld is confident that Windows 7 will not change anything in terms of security: "Windows 7 still has all the security of a drunken teenager in a sports car," he wrote. "Millions of Windows users are lazy, why the Internet is a mess. If you already do all the right things to keep XP running safely, you're not going to buy Windows 7 safe"

Good point. Since Windows 7 Windows yet, you are again the main target of attack by hackers and virus writers. Therefore, it is up to you to protect yourself with anti-virus software update and patch management to keep the operating system as safe as possible. (Compare this experience to Mac OS X Leopard, many of them have not even run anti-virus software because it is more secure out-of-the-box compared to Windows.) Although Windows 7 makes the desired functions security such as data encryption for USB, and control a function for Administrators, which applications running in a corporate network, this is not a general security improvements that change a lot to. the overall experience of the user

Integrated Management of Hardware-Based DRM obvious
Paranoid XP users will not want to move to Windows 7 for the same reason they do not have to Vista upgrade as Vista, Windows 7 supports the digital rights management technology, the rules, how would your media. Although some naysayers have called Microsoft DRM "draconian" DRM implementation has not materialized to withstand significant impact yet.

Ars Technica has a detailed explanation of the DRM issue. In short, the technology called protected Video Path (PVP) and Protected User Mode Audio (PUMA) provide secure playback of video and audio or .. "Little or no media effectively requires the use of protected channels, so most systems other than Windows users," wrote Ars Technica Peter Bright. "Playing unprotected media on a Vista machine, and in DRM systems just do not get used."

However, it is people who are in fear that one day PUMA and PVP can be bolted to the. Or an operating system completely open, like Linux - and for this reason they will stick with XP.

Snow Leopard is almost here
Apple new generation Snow Leopard comes September - a month before Windows 7 Apple's OS promises to offer many highlights improvements in Microsoft Windows 7 - 64-bit addressing, improved efficiency of management tasks on multiple processors, and others. It is unknown which operating system is better, but from my own perspective as a long-time user of Mac, I will say that I'd rather have the current Mac OS X Leopard to Windows 7 If you move to (or willing) to a completely different operating system, OS X Snow Leopard is an option before they consider themselves to Windows 7 Search.

Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? That probably depends on how much you are already in Windows. If you are using Windows Vista, the upgrade to Windows 7 is a breeze. Most of those who should currently Windows XP also enjoy the friendliness of Windows 7, increased device support and other functions. But if you have a Linux or Mac OS X, Windows 7 does not offer much to do you.

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